Kevin J. Radey
Bankruptcy & Student Loan Lawyer
Protecting Consumers In Colorado

Kevin J. Radey
Bankruptcy & Student Loan Lawyer
Protecting Consumers In Colorado

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Consumer Protection Lawyer

Helping People With Debt Problems

If you are struggling to pay your monthly bills, relief can be as simple as properly exercising your legal rights. Take action to relieve household stress, protect your assets, improve your credit score, simplify your finances, and get the help you and your family are entitled to under the law. A clear understanding of financial options is essential to recovery, and all clients who trust me with their debt problems will be treated with dignity and respect.

My name is Kevin J. Radey, and I’m a consumer protection lawyer who helps people file for bankruptcy, with student loans and with other bill problems from my Lakewood office. I’ve studied and practiced the Colorado debt collection laws, bankruptcy laws & student loan laws in order to help clients make smart decisions. I help clients file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11, but will only recommend filing a case if it is in your best financial interests to do so.

My mission is to provide high quality representation and exceptional service to those facing serious financial difficulties in Colorado. I protect consumers struggling with collection lawsuits, credit card debts, medical debts, student loan monthly payments, defaulted student loans, student loan lawsuits, or debt collection abuses by providing peace of mind and accelerated financial recovery strategies.

What Clients Say About Kevin

I found Kevin through a Google search when I was ready to investigate the possibility of obtaining debt relief. Kevin made the process much easier for me than I expected. His constant reassurance that I didn’t need to worry and I could send any issues his way was invaluable to me. He was always forthright and quick to respond to any of my questions. His assistant Michelle was the same – always quick to respond and answer any question I might have. Kevin and Michelle are the right people for this job as they both offer compassion and presence and most importantly, non-judgment. I am very grateful to them both for making a difficult life choice as easy as possible to “deal” with.

Kate F

Mr. Radey is highly effective and extremely professional in his handling of bankruptcy cases. I cannot say enough good things about him and his treatment of me during these hard times. His office manager Michelle Rogers is also very pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable in her profession. They always made time to speak with me when I had any questions and the email communication was superb. Overall, the Kevin J. Radey Law Firm is a full 5 star business and I highly recommend them to anyone needing their services.

Sam H

For our family, the idea of filing for bankruptcy was stressful and somewhat embarrassing, and we didn’t know where to turn for help. Thank God we found Kevin Radey and his office manager Michelle Rogers. It was very clear from the start that they were invested in finding us the best solution for our untenable financial circumstances, and they explained every option in terms that we could digest and understand. Kevin’s professionalism was of the utmost quality, both in and out of the courtroom. But what we didn’t expect to find was the level of compassion and caring he and Michelle gave to us. At no point did they make us feel that we were burdening them with our questions and concerns; quite the opposite, they provided thorough answers for each inquiry we made. In short, they treated us with dignity, and in so doing, they gave us hope for our financial future. Thank you, Kevin and Michelle, for all the help and support you gave our family, and for helping us turn our fortunes around.

Jeffrey B

Bankruptcy is shrouded in mystery and misinformation – an evil word, the end of the world…right? WRONG! Bankruptcy if a fresh financial start, and if you need to file bankruptcy, and you live in western NC, you NEED to ignore the rest and make a bee-line straight to Kevin Radey. Mr. Radey and his office manager Michelle provide EXACTLY what you need when you’re facing financial hardship. If bankruptcy is not the answer for you, Mr. Radey will explain all your options – and believe me you have options! If you’re having trouble making ends meet (and nowadays, that’s most of us) you OWE it to yourself and your family to explore your options – and the Law Office of Kevin Radey is THE place to do it. The sooner you call the better – but regardless of the timing, call Kevin Radey! He helped me and he can help you, too!

Harry D

Working with Kevin and his staff was a seamless, informative process throughout the preparation, submission and hearing of my bankruptcy case. He was always very responsive whenever I had a question or concern and perhaps most importantly he is a nice fellow. I would recommend him to any friends or acquaintances who finds themselves in the same predicament as I found myself.

Jack M

From the moment I met Kevin and his assistant Michelle I felt completely at ease and at the right place. They showed me respect and I felt a genuine concern regarding my case. They are both to be commended for not just for the great work they did, but for their honesty and integrity. I was very impressed by all aspects of the litigation and would very highly recommend Kevin and Michelle. First Class all the way! Thank you!

James L

Fabulous attorney! Kevin made the process of filing bankruptcy for debt relief a very smooth process. Throughout the entire process we felt like we were his number one priority. I highly recommend his services to anyone considering going through this process.

Suzanne S

A totally competent and caring attorney. We like him so much we want him to be our family lawyer.

Marian S

After years of maintaining a good credit rating, I came to point that bankruptcy appeared to be best option for me. After interviewing a few other attorneys, I chose Kevin Radey as he stood out for his open manner as well as knowledge of bankruptcy laws. My bankruptcy was initiated and brought to completion in a seamless (and mostly painless!) manner. A year later, attorney Radey continues to respond to occasional questions which come up as aspects of the bankruptcy are concluded. Highly recommend attorney Radey and great staff he has!

Lucille P

Kevin was great & so was Michelle his assistant. I would recommend him to anyone considering filing bankruptcy. They were always there to answer question & concerns.

Thank you again Kevin.

Linda G

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    If you are having difficulty paying the bills each month, becoming informed about your rights is essential. Many potential clients want help with student loans, credit cards, medical bills, personal loans or have just been served with a collection lawsuit over a debt.

    Using the existing laws, I can help you restructure monthly payments or wipe out debts completely to reduce household stress and begin to rebuild your credit score.

    Bankruptcy can allow you to take control of your finances by:

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