Where Can I Find Information About My Student Loans?

As a Denver Student Loan Lawyer, this is often the first question I help potential clients with. But many times figuring out the current status of all student loans requires looking in a couple different places depending on what types of student loans you have.

Federal Student Loans

Federal student loans should be listed on your personalized report in the National Student Loan Data System. You need a Federal Student ID to log in, and could have been created when you applied for financial. If you don’t have your Federal Student ID, follow these steps to retrieve your log in credentials. The “NSLDS” report is designed to give you a full picture of your federal student loans including when you received it, the current status of the loans, when the grace period ended, and also when you paid loans off.

Private Student Loans

Finding information on private student loans is more difficult. If student loans are not listed on the NSLDS report, they are likely private loans. The best place to start looking for information is by contacting your original servicer for information. If you are unsure who the original servicer is, the financial aid office where you went to school may be able to help. If you still cannot figure out your student loan details, pulling your credit report can help dig up details of your private student loans. Follow these steps to pull your credit report.

Help with Student Loan Problems

Once you have all the information about the current status of your student loans, designing a plan to deal with those debts becomes much easier. For those of you in Colorado, who are in need of help, I would be pleased to speak with you during a free, 30 minute telephone consultation. Feel free to schedule time with me using the “Calendly” link in the bottom right hand corner of this screen or by sending me a contact form.