Happy New Year 2019 – Resolve to Make a Fresh Start Financially

As a Lakewood Bankruptcy Lawyer, I have seen bankruptcy used as a financial tool to accelerate a household’s financial recovery. Prior to filing for bankruptcy protection, a few helpful tips can help make your case simple and smooth. Stop Automatic Bill Payments for Debts Being Discharged Part of getting your financial house in order depends […]

Bankruptcy Filings Rise For Older Americans

As a Lakewood bankruptcy and student loan attorney, I’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of older Americans who call on me for help with their financial situation and discuss using bankruptcy as a tool to help. According to a study from the nonpartisan Bankruptcy Project, the number of older filers has tripled since […]

Colorado Bankruptcy Exemptions: What Property Can I Keep?

The simple answer is “no.” People struggling financially have options, and can generally protect a certain amount of property using the Colorado Bankruptcy Exemptions. That is, property listed below is out of reach for bankruptcy trustees in a Chapter 7 case. In over 95% of bankruptcy cases filed, consumers keep all of their property while […]