Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez propose limiting credit card interest at 15%

Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proposed legislation today which would cap credit card interest for banking institutions at 15%. As a Lakewood Bankruptcy Lawyer, I have seen firsthand the damage big banks have levied on consumers struggling to make ends meet because escalation clauses in credit card agreements increase interest being charged to […]

Bankruptcy Filings Rise For Older Americans

As a Lakewood bankruptcy and student loan attorney, I’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of older Americans who call on me for help with their financial situation and discuss using bankruptcy as a tool to help. According to a study from the nonpartisan Bankruptcy Project, the number of older filers has tripled since […]

I’m overwhelmed by debt. Which creditors should I pay first?

As a Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer, I frequently speak with stressed out clients for the first time who are unsure about which creditors to pay or when to pay them. Many times, during a free initial consultation about their debts, we discuss the following steps to determine which creditors should be paid and which creditors can […]

Should I sign up for a debt settlement program?

As a Denver bankruptcy attorney, I’ve never met a potential client who wanted to file a bankruptcy case. Most people will do just about anything they can to avoid filing. Many times a consumer’s misguided notion about the bankruptcy process leads them to fall prey to expensive bankruptcy alternatives which make a consumer’s situation worse, not better.