How do I know if bankruptcy is right for my circumstances?

The most common question I get as a Lakewood bankruptcy attorney is whether a bankruptcy case can help with a consumer’s specific circumstances. I always answer that basic question during free, initial bankruptcy consultations, and here is a list of common factors I consider. Your household budget is underwater. There are all kind of things […]

If I file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief, can I keep my tax refund?

Yes. As a Lakewood Bankruptcy Lawyer, I frequently advise clients that the best way to keep a tax refund is to file your tax return, receive your tax refund, and then spend that refund on household necessities like rent, mortgage payments, car payments, groceries, or even your bankruptcy attorney fee. I’m busier during tax season […]

Happy New Year 2019 – Resolve to Make a Fresh Start Financially

As a Lakewood Bankruptcy Lawyer, I have seen bankruptcy used as a financial tool to accelerate a household’s financial recovery. Prior to filing for bankruptcy protection, a few helpful tips can help make your case simple and smooth. Stop Automatic Bill Payments for Debts Being Discharged Part of getting your financial house in order depends […]

Bankruptcy Filings Rise For Older Americans

As a Lakewood bankruptcy and student loan attorney, I’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of older Americans who call on me for help with their financial situation and discuss using bankruptcy as a tool to help. According to a study from the nonpartisan Bankruptcy Project, the number of older filers has tripled since […]

I’m overwhelmed by debt. Which creditors should I pay first?

As a Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer, I frequently speak with stressed out clients for the first time who are unsure about which creditors to pay or when to pay them. Many times, during a free initial consultation about their debts, we discuss the following steps to determine which creditors should be paid and which creditors can […]

Colorado Bankruptcy Exemptions: What Property Can I Keep?

The simple answer is “no.” People struggling financially have options, and can generally protect a certain amount of property using the Colorado Bankruptcy Exemptions. That is, property listed below is out of reach for bankruptcy trustees in a Chapter 7 case. In over 95% of bankruptcy cases filed, consumers keep all of their property while […]

Served with a collection lawsuit? You still have rights.

Collection lawsuits (for credit card bills, medical debts, etc) are a painful indication that you should quickly determine your best course of action by seeking the advice of a qualified professional. As an Denver bankruptcy lawyer, I frequently speak with consumers after they get served with a summons, because the stress and uncertainty of a […]