Bankruptcy Filings Rise For Older Americans

As a Lakewood bankruptcy and student loan attorney, I’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of older Americans who call on me for help with their financial situation and discuss using bankruptcy as a tool to help. According to a study from the nonpartisan Bankruptcy Project, the number of older filers has tripled since 1991.

While the study doesn’t determine what the root causes for increased bankrputcy filing rate, I have observed in my practice that older clients typically need bankruptcy help after they suffer an unexpected setback. A new, expensive medical treatment can turn a household budget upside down quickly. Likewise, parents who love their children frequently co-sign on student loans and car loans. When the children can’t pay their monthly debts anymore, their parents feel financial pain as a result.

As the NYTIMES article linked above indicates, the increased bankruptcy filing rates likely stems from the shift of a consumer’s safety net from government/employer programs to individuals. People are now required to work more years before becoming eligible for social security, for example.

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